Thursday, December 31, 2009

Speaking Engagements

Every one is a speaker.

Every one speaks.

Some say they can’t do public speaking.

They are wrong.

When you sit across the table from your friend in a diner, you are speaking in public.

When four entrepreneurs share tales around a table in a diner, they are speaking in public.

When you deliver your 3-second elevator speech in an elevator, you are speaking in public.

I’ve been asked to prepare a list of topics on which I am prepared to address people.

Here it is . Although chances are strong that it will have grown by the time you read this.

What do you notice? That’s right, there’s an eclectic mix there. Stuff for you entrepreneurs; stuff for you domestic ecologists; stuff for those curious about turn-of-the-century engineering miracles in Australia, ...


Good as I am, I figure I need the practice, and if I can’t talk about how I’d like to make money, I can at least practice talking on some other subject.

So can you.

We are all expert on something.

Make a list.

Get out there!

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