Thursday, December 24, 2009

This Technique Got Me Noticed!

The seasonal gap is upon us. Some businesses shut down over a week ago. Most are quiescent this week and next and part of the next.

What’s a sole entrepreneur to do, living alone, working out of a home offices. My peers agree that there isn’t much point in phoning contacts – their contacts are too busy prepping for their office party, and their client’s office parties.

While we poor foot-soldiers are left staring at the dust-bunnies.

Not this year

I harvested 52 names and email addresses from my contact list and issued a one-page html message to each one. You can read it here .

There is no agenda, no RSVP. It’s about as laid back as I ever get. David, Jim and Ken say they’ll be there; that’s enough for me. Four entrepreneurs around a table at the local diner for as long as we want.

Of course, if all 53 showed up I’d have some red-faced explaining to give the proprietors, but that’s unlikely to happen. Many people jet home to family, or just can’t be bothered.

But the residue will be the sticky ones, those of us who use this period for a massive cleanup and re-organization of ideas, and are looking for a place to share.

It’s the Tuesday, mid way between Christmas and New Year. We will all be glad for a chance to get out of the house, I know.

I have already been thanks for organizing this, but what’s to do? Twenty minutes grabbing email addresses, a one-off email.

I haven’t booked the diner; there’s nothing as bad as prepping them for 50 extra meals when only 4 show up. There’s no table to book, no cash outlay. No agenda, no speaker, nothing.

Just roll up

P.S. In case you are wondering about the East End get-together, I am just waiting for the first sucker to call me, and then TAG! They are IT! But Jim and David have already said they’d drive out there anyway, so that’d be at least another foursome around a table.

You just can’t lose in this game.

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