Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Wouldn’t You Buy this?

I’ve listened to Rick, developed a course outline, built a web page, and emailed the link to him with a question: “Why wouldn’t you pay to attend this course?”.

His reply, naturally, “No reason; I know that you built this course around our lunchtime conversation about my needs!”.

That’s the First Hurdle Cleared

Before I email the link to 100 prospects, I have five more emails to issue, seriatim, as we used to say.

To Promod, Cathy, David, Ken and Wallace, each in turn, “Why wouldn’t you pay to attend this course?”.

Each person will come up with at least one objection, which I can then deal with by adding it to my material;

Another Hurdle Cleared!

In short, by asking a small focus group for their objections up front, I can possibly double the positive response rate to my sales mail-out.

“Why Wouldn’t You do this?”

Talk to Me !

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