Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Staying In Touch – 7

I know you read a different blog yesterday that said “Staying In Touch Is Important”.

Today I’m going to tell you WHY it is important.

A client has asked me if I know a reliable web designer.

I immediately thought of Carole and David, and forwarded my client’s email to them both.

Why Carole?

Carole put me in touch with a prospective client two weeks ago, and I’ve been chatting with that prospect for a week or so now.

Why David?

David and I agreed to meet for breakfast next Friday, so he’s been on my mind.

Here’s the Catch

Because Carole and David, both web designers, were in my mind/brain/head, my reaction was instant: “Yes! I know TWO web designers; I’ll click “Forward” and send this email to them.

I did NOT go to my contacts database and search nearly 400 records to find out who has been tagged with “web” or “html” or “Sales”.

Talk to Me !

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