Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Management Measures Cartridges

Sure, you complain about the high cost of Laser-Printer Cartridges.

But justify, to me, the facts on which you base you complaint.

You’ll tell me that a cartridge costs $70 at the store (Quantities may vary!), and I’ll believe that you pay $70 per cartridge; no need to produce the receipt.

But then I’ll ask you how many sheets you get per cartridge, and you’ll stare blankly for three seconds, then invent a number; you’re lying, aren’t you!

So then I’ll ask you how often you replace your cartridges, and again, I’ll receive the blank look and the wild guess. And we know that a wild guess isn’t a confirmed fact, so it’s a lie, isn’t it?

Visit for this image! ManagementMeasuresCartridges_HPIM4129.JPG

Here’s what you do:

Whenever you replace a cartridge, stick a little adhesive label on it with the place and cost of purchase, and the date you popped the cartridge in the printer.

Visit for this image! ManagementMeasuresCartridges_HPIM4130.JPG

The next time I replace a yellow cartridge, I’ll know exactly how many days it has lasted.


Assuming I don’t have a paper-counter on my printer, how would I measure how many sheets of paper I get per Yellow cartridge? Per Magenta cartridge?

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