Friday, November 11, 2011

Management Measures Envelopes

The business of printing out newsletter sheets to prospects continues at the rate of 15 per day, but this time it’s different.

This time I’m counting envelopes instead of just keeping an eye on the “Stale Record Count”.

What’s the Difference?

When I’m merely working to get the record-counter down, it’s easy enough to shunt a data record forward, which reduces the record-count, but doesn’t actually TOUCH the prospect.

When I’m working to feed 15 envelopes through the printer, 15 envelopes are reaching out to touch the prospect.

The envelope-method guarantees that 15 envelopes leave the office today. At the end of the day’s run, I collect 15 fresh envelopes and lave them on the laser printer to dry out ready for tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning I’ll feed 15 envelopes, one by one, into the printer, and my job is not done until 15 envelopes are printed.

If I damage one, I tear it up and replace it with a fresh one from the stationery cupboard.

When I worked with record-counters, I slacked off.

Management Measures Tangible Deliverables.

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