Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boosting My LinkedIn Connections

So by now most members of my contact list have received a phone call and two postal mailings from me; many have lunched with me.

I’d like to connect to them in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn requires I know something about a person before I can issue an invitation.

Something like their email address.

Heh heh!

The email address that The Prospector hands to me on a plate each morning.

I might set up a query in Access that throws up records which

(1) indicate that I am not yet Linked In and

(2) have a valid email address.

It’s a start!

The Database

.. will need a field that tells me whether

(1) I have asked for a connection (“A”)

(2) I have made a connection (“M”)

A better scheme might be

(1) The date on which I last asked for a connection

(2) I have made a connection (“M”)

With a date value I can revisit records in a decent sequence.

The Query

... would show those active records for which the status field does NOT read “M”, in ascending date sequence.

A simpler scheme would set the date to be in the year 2099 once I’d made a connection.

Or three years ahead so that I can “renew our vows”!

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