Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sell to Sold vs. Sell to Unsold

There are only two types of people who will look at your wares/goods/services:

Those who are sold on them, and those that are not sold on them.

An example of the former is the prospect who needs Excel VBA training and knows it.

An example of the latter is the prospect who does not need Excel VBA training and knows it, or who needs it and does not know it.

In the first case, the web site/sales flyer/brochure can extol the benefits of your training and include a sign-up form. Much like the tell-me-more cards in a neat stack on the counter next to the laptop computers.

In the second case, we need to differentiate between the material designed to alert the prospect towards recognizing a need that they’d not been able to put a name to (“Gee! Now that you mention it, I DO spend a lot of time doing boring and repetitive tasks in Excel!”), and the fact that if the person flipping over your material has never used a computer in their life (“I was looking for a functional table, not a course on how to program table functions”).

1: Are you selling to people who already know that they want what you have?

2: Are you selling to people who need what you have but don’t yet know it?

3: Are you trying to sell to people who will never in a million years need what you have?

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