Monday, October 3, 2011

Cold Calls (Sales) vs. Cold Calls

I hear and read a great deal about the perils/fear of Cold Calling. “Cold-calling is dead”, and I’ve been known to say that, driven by The Prospector , my cold calls aren’t cold calls. See, as an example, Out-of-Town Contacts Trump In-Town! .

It’s time to clear the air.

Cold Calling to Sell is Dead

“Hi, my name is Chris Greaves and I was wondering if you want any computers programmed today” is just plain hopeless, even if it’s “driveways repaved” or “roofs re-roofed”.

Cold Calling to Start a Relationship is Alive and Well

“Hi, my name is Chris Greaves. I read your press release yesterday and wondered if it would be OK to send you, by mail or email, my comments on it?” works, providing, of course, that there IS a press release, you HAVE read it, and you do have some meaningful comments to make.

Because, of course, the President/CEO will probably ask ‘What’s this about?”, and you’d better be prepared to engage in conversation.

And isn’t that what you wanted?

Talk to Me !

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