Friday, October 14, 2011

The Personal Touch

I am asked how much time I spend on mailings.

The mechanical part (click on a button, choose a PDF, choose File, Print, choose “MakeEnvelopeFromSnapshot” and choose “PrintFrontAndBackOfEnvelope” takes less than 60 seconds.

Sometimes the printer gets all sulky and takes over two minutes to reset after printing one side of an envelope. (I learned long ago not to “batch” personalized letters.

The hand-writing part for a generic not takes less than 30 seconds.

But more and more I find myself spending three or more minutes reading my comments on the contact, reading press releases, trying to come up with SOMEthing that indicates I’ve spent some time thinking of what I’ve written.

Because I’m hoping that the recipient will spend some time thinking of what I’ve written.

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