Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anatomy of a Proposal

This is an appropriate time to write this up on two counts:

(a) I am re-reading “ Documentation and the Nursing Process ” by Lois White; I taught from this slim book about ten years ago and love it for its stress on Goals, Objectives, Deliverables, Measurement and Documentation.

(b) I have entered preliminary discussions with a chap who wants me to develop a system, but I am leery of projects proposed by individuals. All too often they want a full-fledged system for peanuts, and I can’t do that.

So here goes:

1: I want some cash NOW!

2: I don’t want to get jerked around

3: I want to offer only what I can guarantee as a short-term deliverable.

4: I want to proceed in small measured steps

5: I want to minimize the amount of work I do up front by me

6: I want to minimize the up front dollar investment by him

7: I want to minimize the risk for both of us.

My terms will be cash in advance; I don’t know this fellow, and I don’t know how adaptable he is.

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