Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I Am Broke

Ari called yesterday, his template has stopped working. Must be a result of a Windows Update, no?

I Don’t Know

When you click “SEND” button it should fire up the macro “SendISR”. But nothing happens, bizarre! Looks like the template must be corrupt. I wish I had more time to work on this, look like fun trying to figure all of this out! Anyway, I tried opening up a new document importing the code. I then copied and pasted all the tables, same problem. I think I’m going to need a quote on the redevelopment of this form ASAP.

Ari is running Vista/2007 and I am not, but as usual, it’s not really the technology that’s the problem.

I take his code and examine it on my XP/2010 system; it appears to run OK (could use some cleanup through), so I suggest a test.

Take the old document version and the new template version and try them out on two other Vista/2007 machines in his office. That makes six tests altogether.

Think About it

If they work for Brenda and Carol but not for Ari, then the problem is likely with Ari’s system, not the templates.

If the document fails on all three systems but the template works on all three systems, then the problem is with the document.

And so on.

The Result?

“I think I’ve found a solution. I’ve just saved the document as a .docm, as opposed to a .dotm, and the command buttons work every time.”

My Response:

Well you just saved yourself a bundle of money AND time!


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