Monday, August 30, 2010

Wavelength of a Business

I chatted yesterday with a colleague who works for a company that services the retail business.

How’s business? Oh, You know .... the words trail off.

His business reacts very quickly to the consumer mood.

If a wave of fear (or exhilaration) sweeps the nation, people stop buying cute clothes, shoes and handbags with a reaction time measured in days.

Jim can pick up the paper on Monday and watch the sales figures drop on Thursday. It doesn’t take long.


I get calls from people I’ve been chatting with for 2, 5 or in one case 15 years. My business is “keeping-in-touch” against the day when a firm needs my special-niche skills.

Wavelength is usually associated with sound or light, where a short wavelength means high-pitched and very bright.

In terms of revenue, wavelength refers to a gestation time.

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