Monday, August 23, 2010

The More I Practice . . .

. . . the better I get.

I continue to process two, three or four press releases per day (when I get off my backside and actually DO it!), and I must tell you that it just gets easier.

“Dori”; what kind of a name is that?

I used to be hesitant to call not knowing the sex of my target, but now I realize that it all falls out.

I place the call, and reach a gatekeeper. “My name is Chris Greaves and I was wondering if I might speak with Dori Segal”.

“Just a minute and I’ll try that line” (although sometimes “Just a minute and I’ll try HIS line”). A pause and then . . .

“I’m sorry HE is in a meeting right now …”.

So there, I have learned something. It’s MISTER Dori Segal, and the usual follows “Do you know when he will be free? No? I’ll call back after lunch”.

The gatekeeper has written down my name, I’m sure, so after lunch I’ll be a known quantity.

Talk to Me !

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