Friday, August 27, 2010

Success Comes from Growth and Nurture

The solo consultant can get lonely over the Christmas break, so last December I took action.

I emailed about 50 consultants known to me and invited them to The Traditional West-End Solopreneur Christmas Get-Together .

Seven showed up, which is good when you think of those who travel away to be with family, spend a week in Cuba or Aruba, or who are just too shagged out from partying to want to attend another.

We seven chatted for four hours, and took a closer look at each of ourselves (seven consultants seated at a round table, being asked in turn "So what do YOU do?" provides for a lively conversation).

I had no idea how many would show up, but am closer now to some of my colleagues than ever before, and all for the price of a small Caesar salad with grilled chicken, courtesy of The Montreal Deli .

In January I considered a variety of promotional schemes in a network of solo consultants and entrepreneurs.

Same thing - phoned and emailed 17, five showed up.

The result - three of us have formed a small and manageable compact to take action and see if we can't get this thing working. No critical mass of 10 to 15 required. Our small team is flexible and active.

If we get it working, we can extend invitations to join us, in our established and proven methods of promotion.

And yes, the three of us were all present at The Traditional West-End Solopreneur Christmas Get-Together !

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