Friday, August 20, 2010

Starting a CEO Newsletter 2/2

Nearly six months have passed since I decided to start a CEO newsletter ( Starting a CEO Newsletter 1/2 ) and while I have assembled eight monthly articles I’ve not yet actually produced, which is ridiculous because I have the machinery to issue copies on a regular basis to a table of email addresses etc etc..

Then yesterday Rick Shea’s inaugural newsletter arrived and put me to shame.

Rick’s newsletter is EXACTLY the style I’m aiming for, in terms of layout, content, color and so on, and to make it worse he talks about measurement and quantifiers, which is what I wanted to talk about.

To see what I mean you’ll have to send Rick an email and ask for the current issue. I promise you that you’ll enjoy the read.

And yes, I called Rick (416-469-9935) and scolded him for doing a better job than I could ever hope to do ...

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