Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Entrepreneur’s Day

Unlike Secretary’s day or Father’s day, Entrepreneur’s day comes twelve times a year.

Entrepreneur’s Day is the first Monday of every month. If that day is a public holiday, then it is the Tuesday.

Entrepreneur’s day need not take all day, but it is a day that we are prepared to devote to our own maintenance.

That means that you can assign that day to yourself RIGHT NOW!

I’ll wait while you pull out your diary and pencil through twelve Mondays with a diagonal line and “Entrepreneur’s Day”.


Now those days are assigned to a very important client – You! No other client can have those days. A polite request “Can you come in on the 4th” is met with a polite ‘I’m sorry – I am already booked that day”; they don’t need to know that you have booked yourself.

On Entrepreneur’s Day you can

  • Clear both your desks OR
  • File every piece of paper that is visible OR
  • Make a start on your paperwork for taxes OR
  • Empty the two bookcases of tools and cart them and the tools out of the office where you receive clients OR
  • Clean your windows OR . . .

If your business, like mine, involves hours spent sitting at the computer, then on Entrepreneur’s Day you do NOT do any computer work. Indeed, you start a major scan of your hard drives, unplug the keyboard, dis-assemble it and clean it.

If you are smart like me, you’ll work until 5 p.m. in old clothes, then take a shower, walk across the street, order a large 5-topping pizza, and spend the evening re-reading a John Grisham novel.

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