Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Not to Do Business

I am arguably the smallest client of any laser toner cartridge supplier. While not paper-less, I am definitely frugal in my use of the printer.
I left a message for my supplier, asking them to call me so that I could place an order. The message was not returned. A subsequent call was interrupted with “I have a supplier on the other line. I’ll call you back”. Two days later I received an email “I do apologize for not getting back to you any sooner as I am running out the door once more!”.
I don’t know, but I am inclined to think that my days of being the smallest client at my supplier are over. My orders truly are not in the Global League.
Off to the world wide web and I locate a promising supplier, based in Vancouver BC but proudly boasting warehouses in both Toronto and Mississauga. I live on the border between those two cities.
I dial the 1-866 number, and no matter whether I opt for Sales, Customer Support, Technical or even the “Zero” operator, I am greeted with the same recorded message “Please leave your number”.
I’m not inclined to spray my number around with anyone with whom I’m not (yet) doing business, so I fire off an email asking for a number, and receive by reply “Sorry all lines were busy. Please send your Phone Number by this email and we will contact you shortly.”.
I don’t believe that all their lines are always busy. I believe that they don’t speak directly with potential clients (or, I now realize, existing clients for that matter!).
Back to the web.
Around mid-day Wednesday, June 24, 2009 I locate Precision Toner of Concord, just off the Northern Boundary of Toronto.
Yes they carry those cartridges.
Yes they can deliver them.
Yes the price is right.
And YES! I’m talking to a real-live human being who answers all my questions and promises me that the cartridges will be delivered next day.
I am, by now, flat out of Magenta; my printer is dying grayishly.
I write this testimonial to customer service at 15:30 Thursday, June 25, 2009.
The carton of cartridges was dropped off by UPS fifteen minutes ago.
I am back in business.
As, arguably the smallest client of Precision Toner.

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