Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strike that Meeting?

· Yes, the strike is still on.
· Yes the networking group announced closures at three locations, but not the fourth.
· Yes, I went to the meeting at the fourth location.
· Yes it was closed.
· Yes I spent an hour traveling for nothing.
Whether you are for or against the strike, you are FOR the networking meeting.
Just because someone is on strike, we don’t let our business relationships slide into the pit.
I continue to be puzzled that the organizers of today’s (and tomorrow’s, and tomorrow’s …) meeting don’t post a contingency plan on the web site: “The meeting presentation will not take place, but you can still build relationships by making your way to Druxy’s Deli on the North side of the street”.
· Druxy’s will love the extra business.
· Networkers cherish a chance to build new business relationships.
· And the organization maintains momentum.
But sadly, today, they have not demonstrated “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.
Business have to if they are to survive.

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