Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Daisy Chain

More thoughts on networking: I attended another networking meeting this morning - a breakfast meeting, about 20 members and 20 visitors.
20 visitors is a captive audience.
I listened as each member stood up and gave their elevator speech (after which the visitors did likewise), and realized that one could put on quite a show if one daisy-chained the businesses.
For example, when buying/selling a house, finance is involved, also moving, then decorating, and so on.
The real estate guy could give the elevator speech, and then pass to the finance gal, who gives her elevator speech and passes to the house-moving and storage guy who hands off to the landscape gardener who hands off to the interior decorator who passes the baton to the housewarming party caterer, who … well, at this point you get the idea.
I pass it on to you.

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